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Current value of early AA figures

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#1 Oxnard Montalvo

Oxnard Montalvo

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Posted 23 August 2020 - 07:02 AM

Hope I can pick everyone's collective brains here...  I'm thinning my collection (bills and grown up stuff looming) but can't find anywhere with a decent price estimate for some of the figures I'm considering letting go.  Specifically a couple of early figures which don't seem to be anywhere to be found on eBay, either as current or completed listings, so I've no idea what to start them at.  Two pieces I'm thinking of specifically are the never re released Khan (red jumpsuit) and original (non mirror) Chekov. Both still carded (on non mint cards).
I don't want to overcharge as I loathe scalpers, but I also want to get what they're worth.

Any pointers would be greatfully received....

#2 Gothneo


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Posted 23 August 2020 - 02:16 PM

Well...  you could list them as auctions starting at MSRP. Then the market would tell you their worth. If they are low hopefully you get enough over MSRP to pay the fees. Or you could list a price you're happy with... and add the best offer option... see where it takes you?

#3 Whirlygig


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Posted 01 September 2020 - 11:37 AM

I don't like doing what Gothneo said.  I want to get what they're worth, myself, and if you do what he said, you'll get like the one person diligently following that item sniping it for MSRP at the last minute when if it had been visible for a few weeks the real buyer willing to pay what it's worth would come along.


Here's my advice.  If you are listing the only one of anything on eBay, you decide the worth.  Search completed/sold listings to see what it last was going for.  Then add more than that because it's been MIA since then and someone's been looking for it.  If you can't find it, look for something similar.  If you can't find that, or don't know what would be similar, make up a number that makes you happy.  I wouldn't think $60-100 would be an unreasonable place to start any 2000-2010 figure that's hard to find.  It's true more often than not, that it will go for whatever you want it to, within reason.  Start there.  And if it doesn't sell, just lower it slowly week by week until it does.


You put effort into maintaining them in pristine condition.  Obtaining them that way in the first place.  Stored them all this time.  They're not on the market anymore.  So you're not scalping.  You're trading in treasures.  The money you receive should equal what you'd be willing to pay for some other missing treasure from your collection from years back of about the same value.

#4 VulcanFanatic


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Posted 03 September 2020 - 07:39 PM

Yes, I also think you should find out what the specific figure sold for previously on eBay, and add a little to it, or what you feel like you want. I do buy it nows rather than auctions and if I feel like I may be too high for the market, I add the make offer as an option as well.

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