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I'm becoming a Toy Snob !!!!

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#41 Prometheus


    If I don't have it, It's on preorder.

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Posted 29 January 2014 - 03:51 PM

right there with you guys. I was walking around Target yesterday and stopped in the toy aisle. I would pick something up and just shake my head. Now I know the difference between toys for kids and stuff aimed at collectors but most of the collector stuff is starting to look like junk to me these days.

With that being said, I picked up one of new Marvel Legends Spiderman 2 figures a couple of weeks ago and while I loved it in the store, once I got it home and opened it up I thought to myself "there's $20 less to spend on Hot Toys" and was a little annoyed with myself. So Yeah... still a snob but still a sucker. At least I don't drive all over town any more looking for all the new releases and their variants like I used to.

JMW that is one of the advantages of picking up high end collectibles on the net.....you save gas money !!! :)

#42 robster


    Will work for toys.

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Posted 30 January 2014 - 12:55 AM

Not to mention plane tickets! LOL! Just kidding. You're lucky enough to live in the US and don't have to fork out anything between 600 and 1200 bucks to get to the US,and I do it four times a year. People here think that's quite often,morons. I think it's nowhere near enough of course,lol! But hey,it's where my hobby takes me. I go to London even more often than that,but stuff there is too pricey. Knowing I could get an item for,say,20 bucks,I have a REALLY hard time paying 20 pounds for it,which is nowhere NEAR 20 bucks.


I do of course use the net to order stuff and ship it to a friend of mine in NC,which I then pick up every time I visit. I usually just ship it onwards to me and pick it up at the post office here. Every trip to the US always ends up with a box or three sent back here,lol! Another reason to go high end,wouldn't be shipping that many boxes over here. Awww,who am I kidding! Of COURSE there'd be boxes,ALWAYS boxes! I send more than toys this way,usually the boxes are full of candy,cereal,comics,mags,clothes,toys,dvds,that kinda stuff,lol! Always fun to pick them up here and see how the wankers at the postal socalled service have manhandled my stuff. I don't trust them for a second! Especially after this one year,2008 or 9,when sending stuff from the UK,four shipments got lost,never to be seen again. Yes,I still give them grief about it. The most I've sent on one trip? Probably one year at Comic Con,when I sent ten boxes back here,LOL! WHAT?! They had a LOT of stuff I wanted that year!!!! LOL!


I'm snob enough to only travel with carry on,one of the reasons I always ship stuff. And the fact that I put stuff in the boxes that I can't get through security as carry on.


I have to admit though,even if I did have a car,and a license would help,lol,I'd still do both online ordering and driving around,depending on which city I'm in. In L.A. I take the bus or Metro and get around pretty much ok,ditto New York. Smaller cities is a little harder without a car,but I get around eventually. The Snobster should just rent a limo or something,LOL! But taxi is fine too.


No US trip till beginning of May and it seems like a LIFETIME away! Got a few London trips before then,thankfully.


The Snobster!

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