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Ship Stands

13 November 2015 - 12:29 AM

So, I have managed to aquire several of the AA/DS ships that I was looking for off Ebay at a good price.


Problem being that some of the stands for the ships are either broken or missing.


Basically I am looking to replace the stand for a TOS enterprise which has broken just below the connector to the ship and both of the stands for the Enterprise D (All good Things edition).


If anyone has any to sell or point me in the right direction for replacements that would be great. Failing that, I may just have to make replacements myself in my shop.


09 November 2015 - 11:34 AM

I've always loved Star Trek but haven't been into collecting much in the way of toys since the big Playmates' run in the 90's.


The wife and I had a Star Trek themed Halloween this year though and what with hunting down tricorders and communicators for our costumes and other props and toys as decorations for the party I discovered all of the cool things which have been released over the past 15 years.




Over the past couple of months we picked up the props for our costumes, the OS door chime/wall communicator and a lot of tribbles. :)


Right now I am hunting down more of the DS/AA ships to add to my collection.