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Yesterday, 12:10 PM

Our returning champion, the Tri-Fold Borg, has recently generated $1,200 + free shipping after 4 bids.
The starting price for this one was $899.99 and three bidders managed to quickly run that number up.
Needless to say, demand for things Borg is probably at a 20-year high at the moment, but at the same time these are probably not just people motivated by the Picard show streaming on CBS, to pay $1,200 for a Borg figure on a different card. If you were going to pay north of a grand for a Tri-Fold Borg, odds are you have probably been wanting this figure for something like a decade. So the recent interest in things Borg is probably not a factor.
But these come up for auction about once a year or once every six months, so opportunities to buy one at an open auction don't present themselves all that frequently. In past years values for these have ranged between $600 and $900, based on auction results. 
However long this link lasts: https://www.ebay.com...ordt=true&rt=nc




In Topic: Figure Values

Yesterday, 11:33 AM

Rom with Nog, in blister, recently brought (brace yourselves) $9.99 + $9.60 shipping after 2 bids. 


Strong result, and I can't help but wonder if it's the fact that Nog is in front of the pog here that resulted in such a strong price. It's a variation, I would say, but not one that has drawn much demand.


However long this link lasts: https://www.ebay.com...&orig_cvip=true







Another Rom with Nog, in blister on a very wavy card, with Nog also in front of the pog, has brought $11.99 + $6.15 shipping after 1 bid.


Once again, these values are playing chicken with $20 at the door mark, which is a recent phenomenon, one that has emerged in the last couple of years I would say. 


However long this link lasts: https://www.ebay.com...&orig_cvip=true



In Topic: Playset and Vehicle Values

Yesterday, 11:22 AM

USS Defiant, loose with stand, recently brought $61.00 + $8.22 shipping after 19 bids.


This is about the market price at the moment for a loose Defiant, which is always in demand, and props to the seller for keeping the shipping price low and not gouging people on shipping. Right now, this is a very good price for a Defiant whether it has scratches or not, or whether it comes with that circular plug, many of which are missing.


Well bought, because you don't really see them dip below $50.00 in any condition. The buyer got a good deal here.


However long this link lasts: https://www.ebay.com...ordt=true&rt=nc

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Yesterday, 11:19 AM

Ferengi, MIB, recently went for $30.00 + $8.00 shipping after 5 bids.


This is a bit of a high result, but demand for this figure has always been strong. These "aliens" came out in the second wave and were a bit short packed as well, and the Ferengi/Selay/Antican/Q figures have been sought after. The aliens from this lineup continue to trade really well.


Still, it feels like for every 20 of these Ferengis in the blister, there is only 1 loose figure that comes up for sale.


However long this link lasts: https://www.ebay.com...ordt=true&rt=nc

In Topic: Figure Values

30 March 2020 - 02:27 PM

Tapestry Picard, MIB, went for $301.01 with free shipping after 11 bids.


This is about market priced at the moment, but I have a feeling we're gonna see a lot of these appear on eBay in the next 6 months or so.


I think one has to remember that a lot of these are still new in box, and there are far more of these out there than some rarer items, like Canadian Sarek with pog, Dathon with pog and some other variants. So while this is still the holy grail, for better or worse, these trade hands all the time and the numbers of these still MIB are very high. There are more of these out there than Canadian Red Datas for instance -- that's pretty clear. The Picard show might be giving interest in these a boost at the moment, but $300 is still where these have been for a while. 


However long this link lasts: https://www.ebay.com...ordt=true&rt=nc