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NYCC 2017

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#21 MisterPL


    I can stop I just don't want to.

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Posted 10 October 2017 - 07:15 AM

I'm pretty sure they could put body cams on every employee at DST, stream the footage live, and people would still complain they're not getting enough information.


Zach's only going to release info he's allowed to release. Some manufacturers are pretty open about their stages of development while others – like DST – prefer to keep things closer to the vest. Either way it's not Zach's call. And in the world of licensed product development, it may not even be DST's call unless they want to risk losing the license altogether.


Complaining to DST about a lack of Star Trek product is just preaching to the choir. I'm sure they'd love to have retailers nagging them for more Star Trek product. Obviously that's not happening so if you're feeling the urge to tap out an Angry-gram™, aim it at Toys R Us or wherever you shop. Let THEM know how much you want your electronic starships, your prop replicas, your action figures and Minimates. When they see the demand from consumers, they'll react accordingly.


Otherwise you're just chucking bricks into a black hole.

#22 Alex


    Yes the Troi figures hair worries me.

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Posted 14 October 2017 - 02:04 AM

I'm honestly not even 100% sure the decision to not show the ship until electronics are approved is even DST's call. I wouldn't be surprised if CBS has tightened up when information about ships and Trek merchandise in general becomes available as a result of DSC's premiere. Additionally, given the backlash CBS dealt with when unveiling the U.S.S. Discovery itself, I could see them restricting when licensees can show licensed ship merchandise as well just to prevent any similar issues with merchandise as those that occurred with the new show itself. I really don't mind the wait for DST's ships, not as long as they keep up the quality they've had previously.

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