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Star Trek 4 (14)

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#61 Alteran195


    If I don't have it, It's on preorder.

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Posted 24 March 2017 - 11:20 AM

I'm a fan on the new movies, and its cast. I think casting wise they did a damn good job. 


I don't join fan clubs though. 

#62 Gothneo


    Card Carying Member of the "We Need a TOS Chapel" Club

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Posted 24 March 2017 - 01:29 PM


  I think most of the people buying tickets to these movies (after subtracting people who just go to movies because it's something to do and more or less forget about it a week later).


This is probably true of most action based movies. They are meant to be an "enjoy and forget" kind of thing. Of course, I'm sure they would like to tap into some zeitgeist and become a cultural phenomena, but seriously not many can make that accession. 

I doubt any Star Trek film to-date would make any list of best 100 movies of all time. Not that some aren't a truly good effort... and lots of fun... but there is just so much better... even if you limit it to just Sci-Fi... IMO... its tough to say Star Trek should break the top 25. So... yeah... I think I can name 25 Sci-Fi films better than any Star Trek movie... and I really like most of the trek movies!

#63 Whirlygig


    Yes the Troi figures hair worries me.

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Posted 24 March 2017 - 03:25 PM

Agree 100% Gothneo.  I wouldn't put any Trek movie on the top 10 sci-fi movies of all time from a purely artistic/historic importance perspective, but maybe by the time we got to 25 I could squeeze one on there.  Now, on my *personal* top 10, I would definitely probably be able to fit at least one of them.  :)

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