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McFarlane Toys Gets Entire Star Trek Licence!

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Posted 18 February 2019 - 08:08 PM

Not that they should draw this conclusion... but they are probably thinking that if Kirk & Picard can't cary the kind of numbers they want.. then Disco has no chance.... also could be that the terms of the license make it untennable... meaning CBS is asking too much royalty to make it worth the while.

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Posted 20 February 2019 - 08:04 AM

I think Star Trek figures are at a point where they're kind of in a catch 22 type thing. The typical go to when creating a Star Trek line is to start with the absolute most popular characters, Kirk, Spock, Picard. The problem is we as collectors and even mainstream collectors with only a passing interest in Star Trek have had these characters shoved down our throats to the point where many just simply don't want another. It makes sense from a business perspective because while really avid collectors will want all characters some people may just want the top characters. So obviously you're typically going to sell 100+ Kirks for every Nurse Chappel. I think McFarlane just jumped in with this idea in mind and figured if it took off they would ride the wave and if not they had a nice one off set. I think if they had studied the prior offerings a little they could have done much better. The one easy thing to go after would have been a line of Voyager figures. Sure they're no Kirk and Picard, but there's a big hole in the market for those and a lot of collectors would've jumped on that and they could've kickstarted a whole new line.

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Posted 20 February 2019 - 10:07 AM

Shartimus Prime, someone I'm not really a fan of and do not endorse in any way, had a video from this year's Toy Fair where he interviewed Todd McFarlane, and he really rambled and explained a lot of things in it.  He believes that the top characters from franchises are "evergreen".  E.g. Rick Grimes, Batman, etc...  That there will always be someone walking down the aisle who wants one of those characters, every week, every month, every year.  So he doesn't fret about re-doing characters like that ad nauseum.


So most likely he thinks that's the case with Trek too and applied that logic to Kirk and Picard.


The trouble is, Trek collectors are different animals.  First of all, there's literally nothing about Shatner Kirk that appeals to today's youth.  Picard either, really.  You're targeting the old fogies like me (38) and above with that stuff and at 38 Kirk already didn't really appeal that much to me when I *was* yesterday's youth.  Unlike Batman, whom all kids and adults love...and Rick Grimes, who is in the spotlight in two forms of media right now so everyone has him on their minds.  We old fogies, by now, are either already Trek collectors or are not and will not be spending money on Trek action figures on whims.


But more than that, those Trek collectors that Shatner Kirk and Picard do appeal to have been Trek collectors for so long that, as you say, we've had Kirk shoved down our throats so many times we just can't take any more.  (Especially if he's going to have a crap paint job.)  I'll collect variants of Picard all day until I have him in every costume change that ever existed, but I already have more standard uniform gold Kirks and red Picards than I need.

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