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Your Top 10 favorite figures

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#1 Morgan


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Posted 13 May 2018 - 01:15 PM

Most of mine are from the early days of the license, aka The Good Days, rather than from the disjointed 1996 and later era when the line lost focus. In no particular order, here are mine:


1. Esoqq -- a mysterious figure and a mysterious alien, one that was underproduced due to low expected sales. Yes, weird aliens got shorter production runs, and Esoqq is about as weird as they get. These could be $80 back in the day.


2. Red Data -- a legend back in the day. The first true chase figure, and made doubly so by the whole Redemption error. I saved up $300 to buy mine in 1997 via mail from a shop that advertised in Tomart or Lee's. That was a BFD, as our former vice president would say. Hashtag priorities!


3. Thomas Riker, TNG -- one of the first true chase figures that was hoarded by scalpers bigtime. I still love buying these, esp in Canadian packaging. I remember these advertised for as much as $280.


4. Odo from Necessary Evil -- Odo was an early fave of mine, and this figure is still very nostalgic. I remember there was big anticipation for this wave of figures: Dax from Blood Oath, Sisko from Crossover, etc.


5. Nausicaan -- just a well-done, big alien figure that offers fun packaging variations. Like Esoqq, this was an slightly underproduced "bad guy."


6. Chekov Generations -- the classic characters + spacediving Kirk I never even saw in stores, that's how fast collectors & scalpers whooshed them off shelves. I didn't get the first classic Generations figure till 1997 or something, and paid dearly.


7. Ambassador Spock -- this was kind of an uncommon figure back in the day, and the first one I bought was numbered #000141. People forget that the 2nd release had a total of 3 classic characters -- this was Playmates trying to attract collectors.


8. Tasha Yar -- It was nice that the manufacturer went back and did this figure, and the fact that it was offered on 7th season card in Canada is pretty wild.


9. Ferengi -- an early favorite, and probably the wildest of the first release. I think I paid like $20 for my first one, which had no black highlights on boots.


10. Metallized Locutus -- Locutus is already a cool figure, but this rerelease was a nice and eye-catching update. Together with the backer card, this is one of the sharpest-looking figures in my book. Also, he may have been produced in smaller numbers that some of the others in that wave. It certainly seemed like that back in the day and it seems like that now.


#2 Damon1984


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Posted 29 May 2018 - 10:37 AM

Interesting list, Morgan. I have never heard anyone else mentioning the Ferengi or Odo from Necessary Evil as their favorites. I take it you leave your figures in the package?


This would be my list:


1. Gorn Captain

The Gorn is my favorite alien design from Star Trek and somehow only Playmates made it really work in Toy form. I just love the look of the figure. I'm even okay with the restricted articulation - especially since he has a skirt and is still able to move his legs. I really wish they would have gone the same route with all the skirted characters. Yes, Uhura/Rand/Chapel/Pretty-much-every-voyager-alien, I'm looking at you.


2. Captain Picard in Captains Jacked

They knocked it out of the park with their very first figure. I love the design, the outfit, the execution. The head sculpt is a bit cartoonish, like most Playmates figures, but that's what makes them so much fun.


3. Data, Generations

Actually, I prefer the normal TNG version, but the generations Data was my first Star Trek Action figure and he will always have a special place in my heart.


4. Quark

There is not much to say here. Quark is just a fun figure.


5. Captain Kirk Environmental suit

I have Kirk in his normal Uniform, Kirk in his green tunic, kirk in his dress uniform, and this one. They all use the same head sculpt. And yet, facewise, they all look different. I have no idea why, but the one in the Enviromental suit looks the best. Also, I love the suit and the fact, that he can wear a helmet. Cool feature!


6 Worf, DS9

I think this figure looks even more out of proportion than the other figures, but that makes him even more awesome. I love the head sculpt.


7/8 Captain Janeway/The Holodoc

These figures may have the most impressive head sculpts out of all the playmates figures. The likenesses are just incredible and utter impressive.


9 Saavik

Just a bautiful figure. I wish we could have gotten the whole crew in their monster maroon uniforms.


10 Data, Insurrection

Data is my favorite Character, the FC-Uniform is my favorite uniform, and the male body buck of voyager used here is my favorite body buck. In short: this figure is a winner :)

#3 Morgan


    Rick & Pat know me by name.

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Posted 29 May 2018 - 01:01 PM

Great list, man!


The Saavik figure is a major favorite -- they absolutely knocked it out of the park. I swapped it out with something else on my list, but it would have been there as well. It's like that one hint of what a proper TOS movies figure line could have been, but instead we got a ton of characters in TMP pajamas. (Nothing against those, per se, they're rare by themselves but hardly an iconic look).


DS9 Worf is pretty cool too, I have to say. I have very fond memories of this point in time in Trek toy history, and I remember getting this figure. The head sculpt is pretty rad and the unique body is well-executed too. If only they had kept going with the late season figures like Eddington, Weyoun, Martok, etc. They had become very skittish of losing money after 1997.


The head sculpts on Voyager were pretty damn good, esp Doc and Janeway I thought.


I have a couple of hundred in packaging (usually rare packaging or rare figures) and then another couple of hundred loose.

#4 Artistix


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Posted 12 June 2018 - 06:19 PM

1. Holodeck Figures - 4.5" & 9" 

1940's, Western & Sherlock Holmes - All fantastic figures


2. Species 8472

How could you not love this guy


3. Borg Queen

Love her detachable torso


4. Sarek

Just an awesome figure of an awesome character 


5. Season 7 Troi

Really amazing likeness for the time, though further figures using this head were not as good



7" Fencing Q

9" Klingon Attire Worf 

9" Trelane 

12" Mugato

12" Gorn 


And since I am a Bev fan, my fave figure of hers is either AGT or the Starfleet cadet figure. I thought the Cadet figure was a really good likeness of a young McFadden. 

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