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Review: Vorgon (with a Horgon!)

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Posted 29 November 2014 - 05:25 PM

You might have read the title, and thought I'd gone insane. A Vorgon? What the hell is he drinking? Why review him? Well, I haven't gone mad, not yet anyway, bringing everyone a review of a Vorgon from TNG's "Captain's Holiday". Perhaps your wondering why I'd review the figure, It's not a Cadet, not in short supply, and it's been covered by some other people on the Internet. However, I believe it fits into the "strange" category, and besides, he was a bit more than I thought initially.


Anyway, the Vorgon was released in 1993 as part of Playmates second TNG line, based on the male Vorgon Boratus in my opinion (from what I can gather based on the face/height/body build), though the figure could be used for either of the Vorgon's in the episode. If you haven't seen the episode, or haven't seen it for awhile, the Vorgon's are a time travelling species from the 27th century. Some Vorgon criminals travel back to the 24th century to obtain the Tox Uthat, one of those doomsday weapons people seem to be dropping like change around the time space continuum.


Here's a Memory Alpha link to the Vorgon's:



Why did I buy him? To complete my collection! But is he really deserving of the "afterthought" relegation I'd served to him?




A front view, in plastic prison. It's the first time I've reviewed a TNG Wave 1-2-3 style packaging, so a bit of an introduction. Wave 2 figs where the only TNGers to come with cards till the season 7 figs, so of note here is the fact our Vorgon pal has a Skybox card. Very nice as well, I don't collect them on purpose, but a nice "bonus". Bright, multicolours are present, something I kind of missed in later lines. On the left, info on what he comes with, on the right, under the blister pack, his afore mentioned card and accessories, with the Enterprise flyby above and the figure just slightly off centre, with all the necessary legal stuff splattered about.




A back view. I, like the front, very much like the design. Nothing too fancy, essentially the other figures in the wave at the top, the accessories and what they are (vital for this guy, as explained in a few minutes) and his/her bio at the bottom.




The bio, essentially a retelling of Captains Holiday 




So, to the accessories, that, based on memory, are rather inaccurate. From left to right, the long bar is a Vorgon scanner, the Ninja throwing star is a "hex", a "device for time travelling", and the Tox Uthat on the far right, with the big blue piece some Dilithium. Now, from memory, the Vorgon's only use the cybernetic implants on the side of their heads, rather than hand held devices during the episode. Also, the Tox Uthat was completely different, though a possible explanation is the fact that, in this form, the Tox Uthat is inside a Horgon, something they may have not wanted to be within what was marketed as a kids toy, if you get what I mean.




A front view. The detail is stunning, every part of him is decorated in what looks like a Quality Street rapper, with various silver details on various other parts of his body such as his boots and glooves. The base makes it's first appearance here as well, with it turning up later used for the Gorn.




A view of the head. Not much to say, other than that it's impressively detailed and highly accurate. Again the level of detail is stunning, they nailed the whole texture perfectly.




But that's not all folks, the detail continues all round. There's some strange red vainy stuff going up the back of his head, some ridges going along the top, with the gold parts shown face on here the cybernetic stuff I mentioned earlier.




A back view of his head. Again, the detail, the detail...




A back view of the figure, the tiered armour continues, with the whole thing looking a lot more robust and, impressive perhaps, than the real article. Not that the real one was bad, the figure before us looks "better" in some ways personally.




Articulation wise, he's got standard articulation of the era, that's very well concealed by the armour.


To the conclusion!


Would I recommend him?

Yes! A massive surprise, packed full of detail, and though inaccurate, some interesting accessories, including to what amounts to a Horgon. What more could you need?



Dirt cheap. Lot's of the earlier figures of Playmates run are very cheap, including this guy. That means that not only can you buy one, you can buy another to have the two Vorgon criminals.



Lot's! Time travelling + criminals, it goes without saying he/she is universally useful in a variety of situations. Fight Kirk-Picard-Sisko-Janeway! Anyone, anywhere.


I hope you enjoyed the slightly strange review, any suggestions are always welcome, as always!

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Posted 30 November 2014 - 11:00 AM

Nice review. And I totally agree, this figure rocks. When I bought mine - which wasn't too long ago - I was surprised at how good this figure really was, how detailed ( I believe you mentioned that as well...  ;) ).

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Posted 05 December 2014 - 04:34 AM

Glad I'm not the only one! I think, as I approach the last few I need, I've discovered so many I shunned for being useless/pointless/terrible in every conceivable way are, in fact, not bad at all and are very impressive in a lot of cases


The transpoter figures for example, I ended up doing a deal and got nearly all the TNG wave and one TOS in one go. I think, after two years of ranting and complaining that I don't like them, I got it all out of my system and when it came to unboxing them, I was pretty excited. And, to relate it back to the Vorgon, they are ten times better than I thought. Once you get past the fact the TNGers are inaccurate, and all are just a display piece and a one trick pony, for me they are pretty fantastic. And how can't I love a toy that has a TOS transporter noise?


My next two reviews will be "deluxe" in time for Christmas, the next,  "...pulses unendingly all through the night. Seek out the crystal that powers our flight. - What the future holds, no one can know. But forward we look, and forward we go." to quote Troi/Tom Riker, and then something different completely. 

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Posted 11 January 2015 - 10:51 PM

Vorgon is one of my favorite Star Trek figures! I really wish they would have appeared in more than one episode. I love your reviews :)

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Posted 07 February 2015 - 03:53 PM

I always had a feeling that Vorgon, along with Dathon, were made in smaller numbers than the rest of this set's lineup.

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