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#77509 Let's make some 4.5" Scale Starship Playsets!

Posted by Fat Valentino on 02 September 2014 - 03:13 PM

Hello everyone. Several years ago I started experimenting with some large scale starship playsets for the 3.75" or 4.5" figures. I used styrofoam to make the basic shapes, and covered it with a glue and cloth mache that is very strong. I wasn't happy with how the first attempts were progressing, and eventually had to throw the incomplete D-7 away during a move.


I kept the Romulan BOP, but wasn't really too happy with that, either, because everyone assumed I made it from a thick, padded toilet seat. I never finished it. 
Not happy with the rough texture or lack of detail of glue mache, I tried to use Hydrospan to increase the size of smaller models to the rough "Playmates Scale"
IMG 20131107 170502 016
IMG 20130423 164508 779
IMG 20130918 195738 366

This wasn't a great success either. As each casting gets progressively bigger, it gets distorted, loses fine detail, and becomes more expensive and difficult to mold. I think the hydrospan method is only useful when you're only planning one expansion, or when your original piece is organic in texture. So, no 4" Defiant from the Playmates model ship...


Here's the thing...right now, lots of artists are sharing information about large scale fabrication in the cosplay world. Some amazing prop guns and suits are being crafted from foam, woodboard, and bondo. Has anyone else been following these artists? I think their techniques could be adapted to making big ships.







We should all try this, share information the way cosplay enthusiasts share info!