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Playmates Defiant Questions

missing piece stickers decals modifications

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#1 maxdefiant



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Posted 11 February 2018 - 08:55 PM

Hi everyone,


I've been a huge USS Defiant fan since she first decloaked at DS9 so many years ago. I used to own a Playmates Defiant but over the years I can't remember if I sold it or what, but I just bought another off ebay. It was used but it very decent condition. However it was missing a couple parts. So here are my questions:


1. Does anyone know how I might get my hands on the circular piece that fits in the bottom when it's off the stand?

2. Are there any aftermarket decals or stickers for this toy?

3. Has anyone ever made modifications to it?


I'm thinking about modifiing the toy since it was only $40. 


1. Casting new bussards and a new deflector in the appropriate blue and red colors

2. Removing the blinking lights and adding LEDs that don't blink

3. Cutting the plastic in the warp engines and add blue back there

4. Maybe more, not sure yet.


Anyway, thanks for reading!

#2 Morgan


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Posted 17 February 2018 - 04:51 PM

1. I know the piece you're talking about. Finding it for sale loose is a tall order -- there's almost always a whole ship attached to that piece. There really isn't a trade in these vehicle bits per se, it's quite different from vintage Kenner Star Wars where one can buy just ridiculously obscure parts from multiple sellers. I know these pieces are easy to lose on a loose ship after like 20 years. It's honestly easier to either fabricate it from scratch or 3D-print it if you have the means, rather than looking for it on eBay loose. I have a tough time picturing someone having just that piece for sale -- that requires a very very deep inventory.


2. There is quite a variety of aftermarket stickers for just about every starship scale. With missing 20-year-old decals.... people just print them now tbh. It's not worth trying to get lucky and find the original stickers for sale somewhere.


3. The original paint was quite shiny and toy-like. I've seen a couple Defiants ages ago that were painted to a very nice "model kit" standard, with many different grays, dull metallic finishes, better decals, phaser burns, etc

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