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15 February 2018 - 02:33 PM

I'm going to start letting in new members. It's been a long time. 

well, I guess it's time.

10 February 2018 - 08:35 PM

I started this forum and I lived here almost 24 / 7. It started so small and it was exciting to see it grow after the forum at Art Asylum ended. Each new member joined and it was exciting. I think that where I went wrong was trying to be to nice. I let things slide that I should not have. I was scared that I would lose members. In the end I let such negativity loose, that I got to where I hated to come here. I would come by and read without logging in on rare occasions. Today I dropped by and I decided something. I'm going to bring a little order around here. Something I've learned over these years away. I now manage about 60 people and 10 million in equipment. We service about 60,000 customers a week. Along the way I've learned that you do everything that you do everything that you can to keep a customer but there is a line in the sand and if they cross it, things change. You may invite a guest into your into your home, but you don't let them kick your dog. 
Lets start small.
If you feel that you cannot make a post without using profanity, don't make it.
No politics rules still stand
No religion stands
Don't start a poll then change the questions. I don't think it's necessary to make a rule on that is it?