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Top 5 Figures You Want to See in the Relaunched Lineup

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Realistically, it seems we're going to see a mix of some TOS and TNG redesigns, and figures from Discovery and the Picard series. But it remains to be seen whether the company will seek to reissue all the TNG bridge crew, for instance, over time, and whether they'll seek to go deep into series like TOS, TNG & DS9, or Enterprise for that matter. 


Traditionally, the bridge crew characters were the best sellers, with the company recognizing that 7/10 buyers were adult collectors who don't take the figures out of the boxes. But we'll have to wait and see if the company will seek to do some crowd-pleasers like the TNG bridge crew, or go deeper to cater to super fans.
I've split my own wish list into two series, assuming the company will do DS9 at all, and have tried to keep it somewhat realistic. Of course, so many characters from TNG have already been made, but perhaps there will be a willingness to do some versions of main characters in outfits we haven't seen before, or tackle the super-popular cameo characters, like Shelby, who was actually discussed by Chris Overley in the late 1990s. Obviously, there are lots of unproduced characters from the later seasons of Deep Space Nine as well, much more than from TNG.
The Next Generation
1. Shelby
2. Admiral Nechayev
3. Wesley in early seasons tri-color striped uniform
4. Alyssa Ogawa
5. O'Brien in red uniform
Deep Space Nine
1. Weyoun
2. Martok
3. Damar
4. Ezri Dax
5. Sisko in First Contact Uniform
Let me know your top 5 from whichever series!