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The Kelvin Movies - Were They All That Bad?

06 March 2018 - 04:31 PM

I was recently watching all three of the Kelvin movies and Ive come to the conclusion that the 2009 movie was the best.

Not just the best of the three Kelvin movies, but one of the best Star Trek movies and to add; much like Star Trek II, an event that had to happen to ensure Star Trek was still relevant and important to a wider audience.

For me I think Into Darkness was a lazy mess and Beyond kind of suffers from being irrelevant and forgettable. The 2009 movie though is an excellent example of what needed to be done to Star Trek in order for it to survive and to be seen as something interesting and relevant to audiences new and old as well as something the studio could still profit from.

It wasnt just that, Ive been unfairly hard on the Abrams movies of late and in some respects justifiably so. In Star Trek 2009 though, its a great Star Trek movie. The story was one that had purpose and relevance. The respectful to Star Trek canon idea that this was an alternate timeline giving a reason to all the visual changes in the movie, the addition of a Star Trek legend justifying its place within Star Trek lore and the destruction of Vulcan being the big shock moment Star Trek had lacked since Picard was turned into Locutus all gave rise to a really promising brave new feature film future.

Yes the movie had its problems; Kirks ascension to Captain felt rushed in order to get the TOS bridge crew together when actually all three Kelvin Timeline Movies would of benefitted in telling the tale of how Kirk climbed to the top to become Captain of the Enterprise in the final film.

Ending 09 with Bruce Greenwood still as the Captain of the Enterprise would of been just as satisfying a conclusion. Of course the red matter gobbledygook was annoying as was the little fan-nitpicking moments; Delta Vega being nextdoor to Vulcan and all of the unidentifiable aliens replacing the more iconic looking Andorrans and Tellerites.

But when put up against the likes of Final Frontier, Generations, Nemesis and Search for Spock... Star Trek was heads and shoulders above them in terms of its storytelling.

It redefined what Star Trek was for a new audience and for a modern world. The look of the movie is what I had always wished Star Trek had looked like and what I imagine the future will look like, bright, colourful, optimistic and run by Apple and Elon Musk.

So yeah. Whilst Into Darkness and Beyond are in my opinion, easily forgettable. That 2009 movie was probably one of the greates moments in Star Trek. Its influence on not just Star Trek but indeed movies in general (anyone notice how much lens flare is in films these days) including Star Wars; of which is just starting to feel the wrath of its fan base for doing something different hasnt gone unnoticed.

Anyway, watching these movies again made me realise just how right I am to criticise them, but also how much enjoyment I get from watching the 2009 movie. That was something special, a movie that touched me when it was released and continues to touch me today in the same way seminal movie Jurassic Park influenced my childhood 25 years ago.

This all got me thinking... its easy to criticise and hate the JJ Abrams movies, but do we actually owe at least the first one some respect and gratitude for keeping Star Trek alive and well?

Kelvin Timeline Toys

20 February 2018 - 04:46 PM

I believe that what DST will reveal is that they have the rights to produce toys based upon he JJ Abrams Star Trek film franchise... if so, would you buy the toys they produce?

Diamond Select at Toy Fair 2018

27 January 2018 - 10:08 AM

Toy Fair fast approaches and I think were all wondering; will Star Trek feature?

I think it might...

I think what were going to see is a soft reboot of the line.

Well see the Reliant Im sure but more importantly I think were going to see a range of Kelvin Timeline merchandise; the 2009 Enterprise and a new range of action figures.

Who do you subscribe to?

25 November 2017 - 06:35 AM

Im just wondering who here uses YouTube and who here subscribes to any Star Trek focused channels?

I have a few that I would highly recommend for all kinds of Star Trek fans;

Join the wonderfully geeky conversations between Sven and David. These two English men are what Id call old school Star Trek fans and have some great opinions on a wide variety of Star Trek-related subjects. They review the Eaglemoss Star Trek Starships collection as well as other Star Trek merchandise both past and present. Sven adds a bit of Transformers flavour to proceedings too and both seem pretty knowledgeable on all things Robots in Disguise and Star Trek. Highly recommend checking these guys out.

Irish Trekkie
Co creator of the Star Trek: Discovery Unofficial Fan Page on Facebook, Damien brings a touch of Irish magic to proceedings with his in depth reviews with a fellow YouTuber by the name of Chris, The Trek Collector of Star Trek: Discovery. They have also collaborated with David and Sven, as well as the Trekyards team in live chats regarding all things Star Trek.

Irish Trekkie also reviews the Eaglemoss Star Trek Collection.

Samuel Cockings and Captain Stuart Foley bring some Star Trek knowledge onto YouTube and break down and analyse the Trek ships in great detail. They have also begun reviewing Star Trek: Discovery and Orville episodes. They both bring some nerd cred to the table and produce enjoyable and informative videos for your viewing pleasure.

The Trek Collector
Chris T. Judge brings some more Irish charm to the world of Star Trek on YouTube and whilst he isnt a regular uploader on his own channel, he is a frequent collaborator with The Irish Trekkie on The Nerd Escape Podcast, where both enjoy lively debate about Star Trek. They have featured special guests from both behind and in front of camera on Star Trek and on his own channel, he too reviews the Eaglemoss collection as well as other ship and prop specific Star Trek items.

All of these great channels are out on YouTube and if you dont already, Id highly recommend you check each of them out.

I wondered if anyone else had any recommendations? Star Trek or otherwise.

Star Trek: Discovery. Series talk and discussion

30 August 2017 - 12:44 PM

As we are less than one month away, I think now would be a good time to begin a discussion thread about the series itself.

After 12 years of absence, Star Trek is returning to our TV screens. A new cast, a new adventure.


Let the discussion commence!!