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Star Trek: Section 31

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Posted 30 November 2019 - 04:46 PM

Aight, looks like this project is moving along, it really will be Georgiu as a Section 31 operative. Here's what Kurtzman said recently:


"Erica [Lippoldt] and Bo Yeon [Kim], two writers on our ‘Discovery’ staff, started writing a pilot and it’s really different. It occupies an area of the ‘Trek’ universe that’s never really been explored geographically."

"It has a new mythology to it, which is very interesting. And it puts Michelle’s character to the test in a lot of ways that ‘Discovery’ can’t. In some ways it will be her ‘Unforgiven,’ I would say."
Unforgiven, of course, is the classic 1992 Clint Eastwood film in which a former outlaw, now living in retirement, who must return to action to stop a pair of dangerous criminals.
While there are still plenty of questions about the show yet to be answered — including when it is set to take place, given that Georgiou was along for the ride when the Discovery shot 900+ years into the future in the Discovery season finale.



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Posted 30 November 2019 - 06:14 PM

Part of the plot of Unforgiven was that a truly bad person couldn't be reformed. They may tuck those tendencies away for a time, but eventually they return to form. 
Not a very "Trek" message to me :-(

Also ... noted from the article Kurtzman says to me section 31 is sort of like the black ops CIA division of Star Trek and it was established in DS9.

Its true that the concept of section 31 was introduced in DS9... but I think Ive said this before... my take was that it was portrayed as almost an antiquated organization and concept that served to cause more damage then good... and ultimately their path to victory over the dominion was flawed and shown to be the wrong path... ultimately it was diplomacy through Odo that brought the end of the conflict. So the concept was used as plot device to setup internal antagonist that wee shown to be wrong and ultimately failed... essentially saying that the Trek universe of the future doesnt need.... never needed a black ops CIA division.

Of course Im sure Kurtzman plans to retcon that concept☹

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Posted 04 February 2022 - 11:53 AM

Hey, look! A vague update!

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