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22 November 2015 - 03:09 PM

The K'Tinga would probably make the most sense from a marketing standpoint as the ship's screen use spans from the first TOS movie all the way to the last episode of DS9.

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22 November 2015 - 04:01 AM

Number of TNG episodes: 178

Number of TOS episodes: 79

TNG brought in what is now the majority of the Star Trek fan base and whilst casual or non fans but geeks see Spock and Kirk as the poster boys of Star Trek, TNG is probably the more popular.


Your argument is based upon a flawed assumption on your part. More episodes do not automatically equal greater overall popularity.


Actually the overall number of viewers for both the Original Series and Next Generation were quite comparable in their first runs.


TOS 1966: Average number of viewers = 9,800,000 per episode*

TNG 1987: Average number of viewers = 8,550,000 per episode*


*(Nielsen estimates)


The issue with TOS having fewer seasons had more to due the fact that it generally takes a higher overall viewership for a show to be considered a "success" for a major network than it does in syndication, which is why despite having a similar number of viewers, TOS was considered a "failure" at NBC while conversely,  TNG was considered a "hit" in syndication. 


Factor in that NBC's executives didn't get along well with Roddenberry and kept changing TOS's schedule to progressively worse time slots and the show's cancellation (twice) was guaranteed.


In any case, as you can see from the actual ratings data, there were easily as many fans of TOS in it's original run as there were fans of TNG.


Add in to that, many, many fans of TOS didn't even see the series in its original run but instead became hooked on the show in its subsequent decades in syndication and it should be clear that estimating TOS's popularity solely by its lower number of episodes is a flawed argument.

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21 November 2015 - 12:14 PM

So what would make us, a tiny fraction of the fan base invested in DST, split with north of $100.00 to buy a DST Borg Cube...


Sorry, not interested in a $100 block of plastic that says "Resistance is futile".


For that kind of money the thing would need to have multiple, shifting laser emitters that projected in an arc to simulate the Borg tractor beam. 

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21 November 2015 - 12:03 PM

Let's not forget here, that Star Trek: The Next Generation was far more popular than the Original Series. That popularity has lasted and I think one of the many reasons that the new movies don't resonate with the fan base is because they go back to Kirk and Spock. Household names but names long since surpassed by other iconic, household names like Picard, Data, Worf and Riker not to mention Janeway and 7of9.



Debatable to say the least. 


Number of original series films :6.5

Number of Next Generation films : 3.5


The reason why the "new" movies don't resonate with the fan base is because the of the bad writing, poorly executed internal continuity, terrible story lines and an almost complete lack of respect for the feel of the original series.


Ships that change size from scene to scene because the director thinks they "look better" in a different scale from one shot to the next, an Enterprise which literally has to be "bigger on the inside" in order to accommodate some of the cinematography, plot holes in the story line that you could drive a dreadnought through, etc. are the reasons the fan base has so poorly received the "reboot" Trek.


As to "surpassing" the original series as iconic characters.. ask a random person on the street who "Captain Kirk" is and they will likely be able to answer you. Ask them the same question about "Captain Janeway"... not so much.

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15 November 2015 - 01:32 AM

Thanks I'll contact DST on Monday and see what they say. Pity the ones for some of the ships are so flimsy. I find it somewhat annoying the the base Playmates made for the 2009 movie Enterprise is so much more sturdy than the ones from DST/AA for the classic version of the Enterprise. The toy maker in me is tempted to make a modified base for the classic Enterprise models in the manner of the Playstation 2009 base just so I won't have to deal with any chance of future breakage.



I'll also like those acrylic ones. They look nice but cost just about what I have been paying for each of the ships themselves, used from Ebay.


Maybe I'll get some of those for the "special" ships I am looking to add to the collection like the ISS Enterprise (TOS version) or the SDCC 2015 Defiant.