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In Topic: Star Trek - The Official Starships Collection

25 July 2015 - 09:53 PM

Got my Borg cube - it's just as bad as everyone said.  However, there is one thing that caught my eye...

I noticed one odd thing while browsing ThinkGeek.  Check out this mini fridge and compare it to your Borg cube.


It's the EXACT same mold/pattern.  The light cutouts are slightly different, but the paneling is EXACTLY IDENTICAL.

In Topic: The USS Enterprise D

11 April 2015 - 03:14 PM

So... I was just reading a Star Trek.com article about the upcoming crop of 2016 calendars... and they have this as the cover of the 2016 Ships Of The Line calendar:




Is it just me, or is it...

Yeah that main impulse engine on the back of the neck is the dead giveaway that this is the DST model.  There is no curve.  The neck just ends at the impulse engine.

Another glaring clue is that you can even see the oval screw hole covers to the left and right of the bridge.  Those shapes don't exist on any schematic or model except for the DST.  It's a little crazy to me that the artist didn't photoshop away screw hole covers.

Also if you look at the saucer where it meets the neck you can see that the saucer line is sitting noticeably higher  (look just to the right of the leftmost / port impulse engine).  To me this area looks the most toy-like since the size of the offset and the huge gap shows you how small the model actually is.