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#97714 Here we go again... Playmates is back in the Trek business!

Posted by Prometheus on 19 September 2022 - 08:43 PM

Hello all!! So far I have purchased Spock, Data, Burnam, and Saru.... I hate to say this, but out of these four, Data is the weakest figure... He seems like he is in a different scale from the other 3. His head is very large and his hands seem small due to the odd proportions. I really like Spock and the two Discovery figues.

#97456 WIP USS Defiant 3D-print build.

Posted by Prometheus on 14 January 2022 - 04:36 PM

Destructor! This is a work of pure genius!! Just amazing. Totally blown away!

#97455 Eaglemoss Build the Enterprise D Partswork

Posted by Prometheus on 14 January 2022 - 04:26 PM

Sure! When I get home I will post a picture. You get 4 packs every month and 1 magazine that gives you directions for all 4 packs. The total number of packs is 120 for the full build.... So you are looking at 30 months to completion.

The price is the scary part... When all is said and done you are looking at over 1500.00. It's a huge model though and half of it is metal.

#97453 Eaglemoss Build the Enterprise D Partswork

Posted by Prometheus on 14 January 2022 - 01:09 AM

Greetings fellow Trekkers.... I have been building the 1/980 Eaglemoss/ Hero Collector Enterprise D Partswork since January of last year.

It has been both amazing and also difficult at times. The model itself incorporates both Diecast parts and plastic. It is a rather cool build up but very complicated as it does include a complete lighting system.

This is not cheap, nor for the faint of heart. The entire run of monthly shipped parts takes 2 and a half years to reach completion. I am one year in.

The top of my Saucer is nearing completion,  I'm half way done with the port Nacelle and the neck is done.

I'm including some images to show what I have completed. As I've said, this isnt for everyone and it isnt cheap. Oh.... The completed ship will measure almost 28" long.







#97241 Playmobil 43" Electronic TOS Enterprise

Posted by Prometheus on 22 May 2021 - 10:09 AM

Hello guys.... Long time no chat.

I cant say how I found this out.... but I saw images of a huge 43" long Classic Enterprise from Playmobil.  It is scheduled to release this fall. They are keeping it under wraps.

It is fairly accurate... The secondary hull, pylons and nacelles are perfect. The bussards and another nacelle area light up. The secondary hull opens to show an engineering section.

The saucer section is fairly accurate... From the top it looks perfect. The bottom of the saucer dips a bit lower than the filming model because there is a full scale bridge inside.  It also lights up with sounds.

The sheer size of this is amazing....

The price tag is a bit crazy.... 500.00 MSRP.

This is going to be a limited release.

I dont think I will pay that kind of money but it is an amazing toy.

It reminds me of the BMF Millennium Falcon from Hasbro.... Only bigger!!

#96538 New Star Trek Series starring Patrick Stewart

Posted by Prometheus on 03 February 2020 - 11:31 PM

I think 'Picard' is reflective, in many ways, of what's going on in the world today.... Maybe I'm just old, but I think things have changed a lot in the past couple of decades. I personally, really like the show.....It has complex story telling and is well filmed. I appreciate seeing one of my heroes, Capt/Adm Picard, facing new obstacles, including his mortality.... If done right.... I think this show could have some great payout.... One point, mainly, having Picard and his compadres bringing some light back to a dark period for the Federation.

I'm all in !!!

Oh..... I will say I was a bit worried about Data's appearance from the trailers..... It seems they went back though and fixed his hairline and some of Spiner's aging.... He looked much better, in my opinion, in the actual show....

Without saying too much more.... I really loved the opening scene of the series!

#96254 New Star Trek Series starring Patrick Stewart

Posted by Prometheus on 20 July 2019 - 05:51 PM

To quote the Pointer Sisters..... " I'm so excited.... and I just cant hide it.... I'm about to loose control... and I think I like it!! "

LoL..... Okay... I'm old... but I'm soooooo happy right now!!

#95425 Star Trek - The Official Starships Collection

Posted by Prometheus on 28 December 2018 - 11:50 PM

That Akira XL looks really good ! Recieved the XL Enterprise C as a belated Birthday gift.... I'm really impressed..... I think they did a great job... Plus it's a damn huge replica... Makes my XL Enterprise D look dinky.

#95416 Merry Christmas !!

Posted by Prometheus on 24 December 2018 - 11:03 PM

Merry Christmas to all......


#95415 Polar Lights Grissom

Posted by Prometheus on 24 December 2018 - 10:58 PM

Those are great!!! Fantastic builds !!

#95369 Built 1/1000 USS Defiant

Posted by Prometheus on 09 December 2018 - 01:59 PM

I had to come back in and look at these pics. I'm currently trying to decide between this and the Grissom kit. It's a hard choice.

The Defiant!!! Its so cool!!!

#95316 Model Build: 1/1400 Vesta Class USS Aventine

Posted by Prometheus on 27 November 2018 - 01:36 AM

Got some detail on..... Liking it so far..... Still a ton to do including some clean up of the detail....




#95300 Happy Thanksgiving

Posted by Prometheus on 22 November 2018 - 08:57 AM

To all of you from the States and those celebrating abroad.... Happy Thanksgiving!!


#95284 Model Build: 1/1400 Vesta Class USS Aventine

Posted by Prometheus on 17 November 2018 - 10:36 PM


Very intrigued to see how this turns out. You can kind of see the details in the pics, but I’m sure they’ll pop once you get her painted.

Definitely, Alteran.... Its going to take some time, and a LOT of masking tape, but she will get there!!

Here is where she is at now.... Her seams are looking better and I have a cote of primer on...


#95095 Model Build: 1/1400 Vesta Class USS Aventine

Posted by Prometheus on 10 October 2018 - 10:02 PM

Break down of the Vesta Class Specs.... Makes the Sovereign Class look like child play!

Take a look at the armament section and the main computer specs...

Vesta Class

In 2380 a new and advanced class of Starship entered service in Starfleet. The class was designated a multi-mission explorer and was test-bed for a number of experimental technologies, including quantum slipstream drive. As of February 2381 there were seven vessels of the class in service.

The Vesta Class starship USS Aventine was the test-bed for a number of new Starfleet technologies, including quantum slipstream drive which could allow the vessel to travel 65,000 light years in just three months. Systems installed as part of the slipstream drive included a quantum field focus controller at the front of the ship's main deflector and a chroniton integrator. The quantum field focus controller allowed the starship to keep shields and communication online and at 100% during slipstream travel. It could also be used as a beam intensifier. If the ship is heavily damaged and the field focuser is still online, power from the phasers and shields could be rerouted to the main deflection system and be used to ether create a shield bubble or a high intensity phaser beam which could be sustained for as long as power can be routed to the deflector array. The chroniton integrator could be used to take sensor readings several seconds into the future when the ship was using its slipstream drive.

Other experimental systems aboard the Aventine included a multidimensional wave-function analysis module, and a sympathetic fermion transceiver. Some of the systems being tested were deemed top secret. The multidimensional wave-function analysis module allowed the Vesta-class starship to detect inter-dimensional rifts in subspace and temporal distortions in space time up to 23 light years away, and it also emits a multidimensional gravaton shield which in theory can reverse the effects of a dimensional worm-hole e.g. a worm-hole absorbs light and matter, but with a Multidimensional wave-function analysis Module matter i.e. a starship would be pushed away from the event horizon.

The Vesta Class ships also played a major part in the Borg invasion of 2381, most notably the aforementioned USS Aventine. However, because of the class's use of several experimental technologies, much of the classes history is currently classified, however in the early 2390s the class was upgraded with new Type-XIII phaser arrays and improved power allocation systems.

2369: Starfleet issues a general design brief for a multi purpose vessel capable of deep space, combat, and diplomatic missions. The general idea is for a modular starship based around the specifications of the Sovereign class currently being built.

2370: Starfleet views the Theoretical proposals for the Vesta. After deliberation the Vesta's primary Design is approved and briefs for the propulsion, computer, weapons and spaceframe parameters are sent out to Starfleet Design agencies for consultation.

2371: Propulsion Dynamic are approved and sent to the Jupiter Station for in-depth study. Later in the year MARA design is standardized for the Vesta Class. Spaceframe design is approved and full specifications are forwarded to Utopia Planitia for designations. USS Vesta Production begins with a projected 9 year turnover for the Prototype ship. Saucer Section is redesigned.

2372: Design work on Warp Coils are approved for the Vesta Class. The Stardrive section nears chassis completion. Saucer section nears 30% chassis completion. Warp Nacelles are redesigned. Sensor suite is redesigned based in part data learned during the USS Sovereign's trial runs. USS Aventine begins construction.

2374: Primary and secondary chassis's now at 100% completion. Computers are delivered for fitting work.

2375: Work continues on habitat and out hull sections for USS Vesta. Late in year computer cores are activated and ship functions begin to be transferred from station control to ship control. Bridge module is designed. Weapons systems from Sovereign class modified for the Vesta and installed.

2377: Computer system now operating at 60% of maximum. System expected to become self aware within the year. Warpcore begins primary testing. Antimatter regulation control is found to be outside acceptable levels. Primary Magnetic containment malfunction found to be a problem. Stardrive section near completion with final attachment of secondary navigational deflector array. Bridge module attached to Primary hull.

2379: Warp Core passes Review Three and it tested to 85% peak. Computer system fully self aware and umbilical from the station are cut as the ship become self sufficient. Impulse systems pass Review Three and being autonomous low level power control. Secondary backup generators are shut down and become Auxiliary system control. USS Vesta leaves dry dock for primary testing.

2380: USS Vesta goes to Utopia Planitia late in year and Warp Stress Coating is applied. USS Vesta begins deep space assessments. USS Aventine construction completed.

USS Vesta returns to Utopia Fleet Yards for final exterior markings and paint. On 11, March 2380 the USS Vesta is officially commissioned by Starfleet during a brief ceremony. bridge plaque is put in pride of place and Deltan Captain Hobas takes command. USS Vesta is ordered to begin shakedown cruises estimate to last two years.

Technical Specifications for Vesta Class shipsexpected duration: 50 yearstime between resupply: 2 yearstime between refit: 5 yearscategory: Multi-Mission Explorer/Battlecruiser
 Personnel:officers: 115enlisted crew: 464marines: 146passengers: 50
 Speed:cruising speed: Warp 7maximum speed: Warp 9.6emergency speed: Warp 9.98 (for 10 hours)Slipstream: Quantum Slipstream Velocity equivalent to 9.999997359835618 ( for 12 hours before a 'cool down' of 7 hours )
 Auxiliary Craft:shuttle bays: 1shuttles: 6attack fighters: 6runabouts: 4
 Defensive Systems:phasers: 9 type-XIII phaser arraystorpedoes: launchers: 3 (2 forward, 1 aft)
    hellfire: 40
    photon: 350
    quantum: 300
    transphaisic: 6
    tri cobalt: 10shields: Class 12 Hull Conformal, regenerative shielding systemhull armor: Type-1 Ablative ArmorDimensions:height: 128 meterswidth: 195 meterslength: 672 metersdecks: 24
 Sensors:Sensors: Four primary arrays (2 lateral, 1 forward, 1 aft), Range of 22 Light Years. Each primary array has a back up Secondary array. Range of 16 Light Years. Each array can be set long, medium, or short range.Tactical: Four primary arrays (2 lateral, 1 forward, 1 aft), Range of 22 Light Years. Each primary array has a back up Secondary array. Range of 16 Light Years. Each array can be set long, medium, or short range.Navigational Deflector:Type: Molybdenum & Duranium MeshPower: Six Graviton Polarity GeneratorsOutput: 400 GigawattsField Strength: 650 MillicochranesTractor Emitters:Power: 3-15 Gigawatt Multi-phase Graviton Polarity SourcesField Strength: 480 MillicochranesMinimum Range: 126 Million tons at 2 KilometersMaximum Range: 1 ton at 30.000 Kilometers
 Personal Transporters:Rooms: 5 Transporter Rooms, six persons per cyclePayload: 960 kilogramsRange: 40,000 kilometersOperations Per Hours: 100 persons per hour, per room
 Cargo Transporters:Rooms: 4 Transporters, 1 per primary cargo bayPayload: 800 tonsRange: 40,000 kilometersOperations Per Hours: 100 cycles per hour, per room
 Computer Systems:Core: Type 6, Bio-Neural Processing CoreSoftware Version: LCARS 6.6Storage Capacity: 1496 TeraQuadsProcessing Speed: 787,000 ExaFLOPS
 Communications Systems:Short Range: 3,250,000 KilometersLong Range: 22 Light-years for Real-Time TransmissionTransmission Capacity: 18.5 kiloquads per secondTransmission Speed: Warp 9.9997
 Additional Information: Currently, there are 9 in service, production ended in 2381. However production resumed in 2387, building 1 per year until 2395.