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In Topic: Figure Values

18 November 2022 - 01:48 PM

Is there any movement on the Playmates 6" First Contact figures? That seems like a popular scale but there doesn't seem to be much interest in them at auction.

In Topic: Here we go again... Playmates is back in the Trek business!

14 November 2022 - 03:28 PM

The nitpicky Trekkie in me is displeased that the figures are all listed as 5" figures rather than 5" scale figures


That said, in recent reviews comparing current Playmates figures to the original line, it's pretty obvious that scale is not much of a thought these days. Riker, Data, and Picard figures appear to be the exact same height. I realize they want to recycle uniform bodies but, dang, there's a better way.

In Topic: 2022 Custom Figures

06 November 2022 - 03:27 AM

I was wondering if that's just a parts swap with a Riker body and a repainted neck on the Playmates card. Then I considered it's probably easier to match the red than the color of Data's skin.

In Topic: New Star Trek Series starring Patrick Stewart

28 October 2022 - 11:14 AM

Picard has already overcome death. Dealing with endless pessimism is another thing.

In Topic: Super7

27 October 2022 - 01:31 PM

I still have no interest in 7" scale figures but, dang, these look pretty sweet! The price is plenty steep to keep me away though.