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Babylon 5 reboot

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    The card is maxed out.

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Posted 27 September 2021 - 08:28 PM

Babylon 5 reboot is being planned on the CW

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Posted 30 May 2022 - 11:22 PM

I read about this too, and given that it's basically being done at JMS's behest, all I can say is it's about darn time! I normally don't like ground up reboots like this, but given how long its been since the original show, and that Crusade tanked miserably after it was supposed to be "Babylon 5 II," it's definitely better than more of nothing. (Besides, with the people behind half of my favorite characters on the original show having passed, a "reunion" of what's left of the original cast admittedly would feel more like a punch in the gut than an overdue nostalgia trip.) Of course, because I'm excited for this series, it had to come with a caveat, which is "if the CW holds together." Apparently Time/Warner's sale to Discovery communications has lead to rethinking the CW, and whether or not it will even exist in a year. (The new B5 was being developed while AT&T was still running things; you can take your own John Oliver style pot shot at AT&T here.) Remember, the CW, (unofficially meant to stand for CBS/Warner,) was basically born out of the failure of UPN and the WB, and kind of existed as a result of CBS splitting from Viacom back in the day. Today CBS and Viacom have undergone reunification into ViacomCBS and decided that they're now calling themselves Paramount Global, because apparently that's the kind of important detail nobody thought of during the initial merger. Likewise Time/Warner is no longer owned by AOL or AT&T, and is now in the hands of Discovery, and while the old CBS people and the AOL and AT&T people who (mis)managed Time/Warner got along, the Paramount people and the Discovery people supposedly don't really play well together, don't like sharing properties with each other, and are both trying to justify continuing to hold up a smaller broadcast network that isn't raking in the cash it pulled in 16 or even 6 years ago. Assuming that cooler heads prevail and they decide not to blow up one of the five broadcast networks and leave two of the remaining four to Disney, we should be good. However, even if they decide to be stupid about this, there's at the very least the chance that the new B5 could wind up on Discovery+ or something similar as long as they see that there's interest in this. I'm hoping that the current plan for this to air on the CW goes through though as now that Disney has put The Orville: New Horizons on Hulu, and Paramount has locked Trek up on Paramount+, there's a serious lack of good SciFi, (or even any SciFi) on network TV, and I would love for B5 to fill that void.

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