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Review: Mugato by Playmates

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Posted 28 September 2014 - 10:06 AM

Crazy has been the idea recently with these reviews, and I'm keeping with that! While no further XL reviews are planned just yet (it was crazy to get the logistics of that together, but worth it), I'm keeping my promise and continuing my reviewing marathon with the Mugato! I hated this guy for ages without actually buying him, he just didn't appeal to me. The episode he came from was good, but never one of my favourites to be honest. Then I had an opportunity to get him and the Talosian...


If you don't know who, or what, a Mugato is, have a read of this:



To the pictures!




A front view. Fun fact, Mugato was originally spelt Gumato, then Mugato as Shatner and Kelly could only say it that way. However, many people and places spell Mugato Mugatu, as evidenced by the packaging and card.




Look's like someone's been breathing heavily in his box.




A back view (note: these pictures are pretty blurry due to the large amounts of Saurian Brandy consumed in the making of this review)




A back view. Nothing strange going on here, for once.




(Some assembly required)




A front view. Five points of articulation, two in the legs, two in the arms, and one in the head. The detail is pretty incredible, from his thumbs, to his feet, to his head.




A close up of his head. I love the fact that he looks like the original, while also looking more "animal like" if that makes any sense.




A back view. The detail is quite literally all around. The spine, a separate piece as graphically demonstrated, has a very nicely detailed tail. Something else to mention is the base, quite rare I believe, only coming with Dathon the Tamarian Captain and this guy.




Despite appearances, the limited articulation helps him out a lot. He's either dancing, or is riddled with arthritis.




The Mugato's accessories, his card (carrying the same mistake as the box), a serpent in the garden of Eden (a flintlock rifle), an oversized type 1 phaser (it's so big I think it's in scale with the 9 or 12 inchers), a Mako root, and a Hill people drum. While these are a bit strange to give to a Mugato figure, what do you give a Mugato figure? Their pretty useless on their own, but all are accurate to the episode, a plus given Playmates "multi range light source" past.


Continued in a second!

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Posted 28 September 2014 - 10:07 AM



And now, fun with the Mugato and accessories!




The type 1 phaser doubles as a bar of soap...




...While the flintlock has obvious uses...




...and the drum works well as a, err, drum, and the Mako root, I'm not sure I can do anything with that and Kirk at this hour.




Another one bites the dust to what seems to be an unfortunately (and in my defence completely unintentional) horny Muguto.




Reach for the sky!


Would I recommend him?

Definitely! The moment I saw the cute, carnivorous creature I thought he was ten fold better than I thought. Great detail, some good, slightly strange accessories, overall a fantastic figure!



The one downside. In this country, the UK, he always goes for a lot. People always seemed to be driving the prices up, ending at £10-£15. I got mine for a grand total of £7, and for that, you can't argue. However, in all fairness, the prices have been coming down a lot.



Lots!! More than any other figure I've reviewed. You could have a whole herd of these guys attacking your landing party, 23rd or 24th century, have one attack your Galileo or Goddard, or even have a changeling morph into one, or something similar to that. Also, Jpatrik's comments on the Generations line ring very true with this guy, the limited articulation helps, not hinders the figure, by bringing out the sculpt. 


That's all from me now, I've got a special review lined up for a rare figure, but he hasn't arrived yet, not to mention I've run out of batteries. However, I do have some "archive footage" that I'm working into a review, so expect something else in between then!


Any requests or feedback are, as always, welcome! 


And a parting shot:




Mwhahahahaha! A new attempt at lighting (went very bad).

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Posted 28 September 2014 - 10:38 AM

I LOVE my Mugato! And Talosian,for that matter. Got him for 3.99 or something,ditto Tal,so I was well chuffed about the price. I usually buy my toys in the US where it's a LOT cheaper 'cos of the exchange rate. 5 bucks is NOT 5 quid!


Great review and fun pics! Are you gonna do any of the ships or just figs?



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Posted 28 September 2014 - 12:47 PM

Great review! I love my Guma... Muto... Mugato figure...

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Posted 01 October 2014 - 07:11 AM

Darryl the Mugato, such a fine figure and definitely one of my favourites. And those fecal-esque accessories are simply to die for. Your parting shot is pretty awesome, I must say, you emulated the TOS lighting style quite well! Another funtastic review!  :D

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Posted 03 October 2014 - 01:39 PM

Thanks all!



Sounds like you got a fantastic deal for those! At the moment, I'm open to anything! However, my only "complete" starships are the Romulan Warbird, the Vorcha and the First Contact E. All my other ships are missing stuff, bases, stickers, a deflector dish, working electronics, so it'd depend on what people want to see. As it stands, those other ships are: The Enterprise (no bloody A, B, C, or D), the Defiant, the Klingon BOP, the battle damaged D, and the regular D. 

I've got the Goddard and the Galileo if anyone would like reviews of those, even the Bridge. 



Thanks as always! I was wondering what to call the review, in the end I settled for the spelling the Memory Alpha folk use.



An interesting name for a Mugato! Haha, that was completely unintentional, I was trying to get a better shot of his eyes when it came out like that.



I've got some new figures! In addition to Hugh, The Talosian, and Klingon Be'lanna, I've now got Cadet Howard and the Andorian, plus some stock pictures of TNG Sisko that I've reworked into a review. I'll upload the special review tonight, and maybe TNG Sisko, but I'm up to suggestions for the others!

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Posted 22 March 2015 - 09:01 PM

This is a pretty cool character that the company took a chance on. The TOS lineup had gotten kind of random by the time the Mugato came out, but along with the Gorn is one of those rare characters that grew in popularity decades after the original episode aired. There were a few characters like that throughout TOS, and I think this one did remarkably well as a figure just due to how wild it is.


Despite having more than 200 figures back in the day, I never did get around to buying one when they just came out -- I was heavily favoring TNG, DS9, and VOY figures at the time.

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